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Stainless Steel knife care

In order to get maximum use and benefit from your Stainless Steel knife, we suggest that you care for your knife by:

Washing and drying your knives immediately after use, and returning them to a magnetic rack or wooden block – NEVER place a handmade knife in a dishwasher – they are not designed to handle that kind of treatment. We really can’t emphasise the importance of washing and drying your knife as soon as you’ve finished using it – it may take a little practice for you to remember to do this, but in the long term it means maintaining your knife in tip-top condition. This will create real enjoyment for you because you’ll have a knife that retains its look and also retains a nice edge on the blade.

Never store knives in a drawer with the rest of the cutlery (unless you wrap them). A magnetic rack is the safest and most hygienic. An alternative is a knife block. If your knife block is one that stores knives on an angle, store the knife with the blade up, not down.

Never use knives on glass or marble cutting boards. Health Dept. tests have shown that timber boards, cleaned and correctly oiled, are hygienic. Timber boards will also help prevent your knife from losing its sharp edge and becoming blunt too quickly.

Keep your knives sharp. If you allow them to become really blunt, you will find it very difficult to create a nice sharp edge again. We use and recommend a Swiss Istor sharpener – incredibly easy to use.

All stainless steel knives will rust if neglected. If you put a stainless steel knife away when it is wet, there is a very good chance it will rust. Always dry your knives thoroughly before storing them.

Preserve the handle on your knife by making sure you dry the whole knife blade and handle properly, especially where the handle meets the blade. NEVER place your knife in a sink of water. If you have a timber handle on your knife, wood oil rubbed on the handle occasionally will help to preserve it and protect it from drying out or cracking or splitting.

Enjoy using your beautiful, functional Stainless Steel Gardner Knife…


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